Milwaukee Mayor Barrett presenting at global climate summit in Chicago

The Wisconsin Gazette

Dec 4, 2017


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett joined with mayors from across the United States, Canada and Mexico to pledge support for climate action in their respective cities.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is hosting the North American Climate Summit in concert with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

Municipal leaders are discussing opportunities, barriers and avenues to collaborate as they move forward with aggressive climate action plans over the next two years.

Barrett said he would be discussing Milwaukee’s action on climate change.

He also would be discussing how the city’s Better Buildings Challenge program works constructively with Milwaukee’s building owners to help them operate more profitably while addressing climate change at the community level.

“Climate change presents direct risks to Milwaukee. It increases public health risks like catastrophic floods and a host of other challenges,” Barrett said in a news release.

He added,  “In Milwaukee, we understand that investing in energy efficiency, green infrastructure, and renewable energy is important for long-term economic growth and a sustainable environment.  I’m calling on our businesses, utilities, Public Service Commission and state government to acknowledge the importance of climate change and work with us to plan and invest in solutions.”

Mayors were expected to sign the Chicago Climate Charter, marking the way forward for municipal leaders to take climate action into their own hands in the face of federal inaction.

“While the current administration buries its head in the sand on climate change, it is now up to local leaders to develop a sustainable 21st-century economy. Chicago, Milwaukee, and numerous cities across North America understand that protecting the environment and growing jobs go hand in hand,” stated Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I applaud Mayor Barrett for taking aggressive steps to bring down carbon emissions levels.”

The summit opened Dec. 4 and continues through Dec. 6.